LSETF Needs Your Help

Having successfully launched our MSME loan scheme, which as at June 2017 have approved N3.5 Billion to over 3,700 beneficiaries, LSETF is now working on a program of initiatives to support technology-based entrepreneurship and tech startups in Lagos State.

This is your opportunity to be part of the process!

Lagos currently has the largest and most vibrant tech startup ecosystem in Africa, and accounts for most tech startup activity in Nigeria. The data varies, but a recent report by Startup Genome values our national ecosystem at $2 billion, notably higher than comparable estimates for Johannesburg and Cape Town combined.

The Lagos tech startup community has clearly done a great job and must ultimately continue to lead efforts to deepen the ecosystem, but the government has a role to play and is keen to help. Governor Ambode wants to ensure that the Lagos ecosystem continues to create value.

Through a strategy of careful, targeted and sustainable focus on technology entrepreneurship, LSETF hopes to provide support for the best companies, create jobs and encourage more early-stage investments in Lagos.

As we develop our policies to support the tech startup ecosystem, we'd like to hear from as many tech startup founders, investors and other ecosystem players as possible.

Please fill in just one of the surveys (whichever is most relevant to you) and tell others to do the same.


Who do we mean?

You are a founder of a Lagos-based startup. You may have been in business for a few weeks or a couple of years (it doesn’t matter), but you have shown traction through customer orders and/or revenues. Technology is core to your business model and you are building a company that could grow quickly to significant scale if you get things right.

Your business may currently be small from a staff count or revenue perspective, but it is not an SME in the traditional sense – you are addressing a significant market opportunity, probably in a new or unproven way.

Please expect the survey to take up to 15-20 minutes.


Who do we mean?

You either currently work or have worked for a Lagos-based tech startup. You are not one of the founders of the company, and you may or may not have any equity in the business.

Please expect the survey to take 5-10 minutes.


Who do we mean?

You are an angel or early-stage investor/VC that has backed at least one Lagos-based startup. You may not necessarily have made any exits yet, but you have invested in the last 18-24 months, and are evaluating new investment opportunities all the time. You are probably also a mentor to one or more founders and may sit formally on a startup company’s board.

Please expect the survey to take 5-10 minutes.

Ecosystem Partners

Who do we mean?

You are currently active in the Lagos startup ecosystem. You probably provide hard or soft infrastructure to the ecosystem. You might operate a hub or incubator, run an accelerator or other structured learning program, act as a mentor, providing technical and functional expertise to a startup or sit formally on a startup company’s board.

You do not better identify with the descriptions under ‘Founders’, ‘Employees’ or ‘Investors’.

Please expect the survey to take 5-10 minutes.