Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

All you need to know before you apply.

Are you a Small and Medium Enterprise?

- Registered business with CAC, LIRS and LASSRA
- Existing with proof of turnover
- Require a max of N5 million

Are you a Micro-Enterprise?

- Registered with LIRS and LASRRA
- Existing with proof of turnover
- Requires a maximum of N500,000

Are you a Micro Enterprise Start-up?

- Registered with LIRS/LASRRA
- Has relevant training certificates
- Requires a max of N250,000

Required Documents

The following documents need to be uploaded along with your application:

  1. Passport Photograph
  2. Government issued ID
  3. Education Certificate
  4. Tax Identification Number
  5. Personal Tax Card
  6. Business Statement of Account
  7. CAC Certificate
  8. Guarantor's Form (Download Here)

N.B: Read about the guidelines for application here

Application Closed

Apply as a Micro Enterprise

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Apply as an SME

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